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Patio Heaters

Patio Heaters Extend Your Time Outdoors

Gone are the days of traditional wood burning techniques to extend your outdoors. Now several safe, eco-friendly and sleek patio heaters are available.

Patio Heaters

We can extend our idea of outdoor living well into the season with the use of outdoor patio heaters. This is a simple way of providing a relaxed and comfortable temperature outdoors while dining or entertaining. Whether your sitting on your patio in Toronto or Mississauga let us suggest how to extend those summer nights.

Outdoor patio heaters come in both propane and natural gas. Propane offers the ability to move your patio heater around your deck or patio. Natural gas offers a continuous fuel source.

Patio heaters have are now designed to flow with your outdoor decor and patio furniture arrangements. Patio heaters are now offered in a variety of colours including;

  • Stainless steel patio heaters.
  • Bronze patio heaters.
  •  Copper patio heaters.

Depending on the style you select some propane patio heaters are complete with casters making it easier to transport them around your patio.Long gone are the days of typical patio heaters. Now you can find modern “bullet styles” or ornate cast aluminum models. Both are designed to incorporate your outdoor furniture setting.

What to Look for in a Patio Heater

With all the patio heaters on the market it’s important to note:

  • Our patio heaters generate infrared radiant heat rays which warm objects not just the surrounding air.
  • Infrared heat provides efficient clean burning performance using less fuel while providing ultimate comfort.
  • They equipped with an electronic pilot ignition and adjustable heat controls.
  • Patio heater covers are available for winter storage.
  • Our patio heaters are covered under warranty and parts are readily available.

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