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Patio Cushions

Patio Cushions & Sunbrella Fabrics

We have come full circle and again patio cushion are the choice of many for outdoor patio furniture. Sunbrella outdoor fabrics have made patio cushions and pillows weather resistant to fading, mildew and mold. Now enjoy the comfort patio furniture cushions bring to your outdoor furniture.

Patio Cushions – A Short History

Nothing can be more comfortable than sitting on a plush outdoor cushion while surrounding yourself with lots of toss pillows. Patio furniture has come full circle. Patio cushions are again sought after for both their comfort, element of design and colour they bring to any backyard.

In the early 1990s most outdoor furniture was a traditional metal chair, with plastic straps, which required a patio cushion.  At this time the choice of fabric was polyester and the foam inside was essentially the same foam you would find in your sofa.

In short time these cushions would fade, grow mould and the foam inside would smell and completely deteriorate. Given the short life cycle patio cushions became a way of the past giving way to aluminum sling chairs. Sling patio chairs were constructed out of vinyl, required no cushions and were quick to dry.

Sling patio furniture over the years continued to develop and become more comfortable with such as a waterfall sloop the seat and lumbar support. However, even the most comfortable of all sling patio furniture couldn’t hold back what the outdoor furniture industry was about to experience.

Sunbrella Cushions – The Resurgence of Outdoor Cushions

The resurgence of patio cushions in part can be attributed to Sunbrella. Sunbrella outdoor fabrics came to the forefront, they are the only real outdoor fabric on the market. Sunbrella fabrics have a rich vibrant look with the feel of cotton. Resisting fading, even in the brightest of sun, these fabrics were primarily used to manufacture awnings.

Sunbrella fabrics gained the trust of retailers who again looked for patio furniture to be comfortable, warm and durable. Retailers were finally able to offer patio cushions out of a true outdoor fabric in Sunbrella.

Today outdoor wicker patio furniture, outdoor sectionals, and patio deep seating sets all require outdoor cushions. Your selection of Sunbrella fabrics is endless covering just about every and any colour. You can be confident these outdoor cushion resist fading are mildew resistant and are durable.

Thanks to Sunbrella we can enjoy the luxury of creating rooms outdoors using the finest and most durable outdoor fabrics. Patio cushions include; chaise lounge cushions, patio seat pads, deep seating cushions, bistro set cushions, garden bench cushions and anything you could possibly put a cushion on.

Our design team always offers a simple tip of adding some colour with simple patio pillows, 18″x18″ or larger to your patio furniture sets. We also suggest making patio pillows with complimentary piping. When it comes to designing your backyard or patio set outdoor cushions play a prominent role.

Let us try and help you find the perfect patio cushions.

See out tips for cleaning sunbrella cushions or visit us in one of our patio furniture stores.