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Outdoor Fire Pits

Extend Your Nights Outdoors

Our City fire pits bring a new look and feel that bring both heat and ambiance to your patio. Gone are the inefficient chimeas and in our outdoor fire pits that are designed to compliment our outdoor furniture.

Outdoor Fire Pits

Away are the days of the outdoor chimeneas, they were both inefficient and highly pollutant. The uncontrollable flames, difficulty starting the fire and continuously having to fuel it with wood made them more work then pleasure. Outdoor living is always pleasure before work. Outdoor fire pits have taken on a new form, chic, highly functional and practical.

Available in both natural gas and propane an outdoor fire pit can extend your party well into the night offering heat and ambiance to any setting.

Fire Pits

Our outdoor fire pits are designed to be part of your patio furniture decor. Our outdoor fire pits are used as both coffee tables and ends tables ideal for any outdoor wicker sectional or deep seating patio furniture.

Our fire pits are highlighted with the following features:

  • The center of the fire pits are filled with tempered glass, your choice of colour, including  black, bronze and blue.
  • At night the live flames will dance in the glass and provide a great heat source and ambiance.
  • The adjustable flame and heat control is from 30,000 – 60,000 btu’s.
  • Made to last our fire pits are constructed out of rust free 304 stainless steel.
  • Finished in your choice of stainless steel, hammered bronze or black finishes.
  • New for 2011 is our granite top fire pit.
  • Our city fire pit includes an all weather winter cover and matching aluminum storage cover keeping it safe from the elements.

There are always ways to extend your time outdoors and your element of design no longer has to be compromised. We ensure all of our fire pits compliment our furniture.

See our Outdoor Fire Pits fit for any backyard in Toronto or for that fact anywhere.

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