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Garden Benches

Garden Benches & Toronto's Urban Backyards

Patio benches are multifunctional and great additions to any backyard, patio, or lush garden. Often thought as just a “bench” used for traditional seating, there are many uses for garden benches. Let us give you some creative ideas and reminders on how garden benches can enhance your outdoors.

Garden Bench Additional Seating

The primary purpose of your garden bench in most cases is to provide additional seating. Your outdoor bench can be relocated from your front porch, deck, garden to your area of entertaining when your require additional seating. Garden benches when placed in the garden are a comfortable seating option to enjoy a morning tea or to bask in the sun.  In style for 2011 is to place your garden bench on one side of your patio table replacing conventional chair seating.

Patio Benches Aesthetics

Some may choose to never use thier garden bench for seating purposes. Patio benches can be use as the focal point set into your garden or simply to add a flavour of design and decor to your setting. Custom cushions in vibrant colours not only provide comfort but can help achieve your goal of creating an exciting outdoor setting or a calming element. Cushions add your personal flare and touch to your garden.

Garden Loveseat Potting

Gardeners always find a useful purpose for garden benches. Garden benches can be used for potting and displaying your wonderful arrangements of nature. Sometimes, gardeners use benches to not only store but also display outdoor statues, watering cans or other outdoor accessories. Gardeners find a way to incorporate the perfect plants to sit below or on top of garden benches.

Garden Benches Types

Garden benches come in a wide variety of materials. Cast aluminum patio benches are heavy and ornatelooking these patio benches will not rust outdoors and can be left uncovered.  Outdoor wicker loveseats are generally hand woven and can look great indoors or out. Teak outdoor garden benches have been used for just about every and any way. Teak benches are fitting in any outdoor environment and require minimal work to maintain its original colour.

Visit out garden bench section to find the perfect patio bench to add to your backyard.