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BBQ Grills | Tips to purchasing your bbq

Tips To Purchasing Your BBQ

Get some helpful tips on what to look for when purchasing your next bbq. Remeber to be informed and ask lots of questions about your future bbq. A bbq should be a long term investement that is safe, reliable and meets your grilling needs.


BBQs exist in almost any backyard, Toronto to the most rural of places, we all take pleasure in sparking up our BBQ and preparing a great meal. Purchasing a BBQ is no different from a large kitchen appliance in fact BBQ are commonly referred to as outdoor appliances. Given that a BBQ purchase is important here are some useful tips on how and what to look for in your next BBQ.

BBQ Purchasing Tips;

  • Your budget – need to a set budget like any purchase and find the selection of BBQs in that range.
  • Your cooking area – determine your cooking or grilling area and this will tell you whether you should be looking 3, 4, 5 or even a 6 burner BBQ.
  • What you cook – in combination with the cooking area you need for quantity of food think about what you cook most this will see if your decision in the size of a BBQ is sufficient. If you like eating steak and fish both are grilled at much different temperatures.  If you opt for a larger BBQ with more burners you can actually cook them both at the same time using separate grilling areas.
  • You get what you pay for – Like anything price matters. When dealing with any appliance especially a barbecue the quality of workmanship, parts, and construction will determining how long your BBQ will last.
  • BTU’s- British Thermal Units are often rated by customers, the popular thinking is that more the better. In most cases judge the BTUs are 1 factor in combination with the grill type (cast, steel or stainless), the construction of the hood and ventilation. You can have a high BTU BBQ with a sub-standard lid and poor grills which essentially means your BBQ gets hot but when you open the lid your grills loose all their heat.
  • BBQ Construction – Whats the BBQ made of? 304 stainless steel is ideal for any BBQ but many use a stainless steel that will rust quickly. If its stainless steel find out what quality.
  • Warranties – Are you purchasing a BBQ that parts are readily available for?
  • Fuel Source – What is your fuel source going to be natural gas, propane, charcoal.
  • Electric BBQs – If you live in a condo fresh on the market are electric BBQs that sit on your balcony. Ensure you speak with condo management to ensure they meet regulations and fire code.
  • Conversion Kits – If you believe at some point in the future you will convert a propane BBQ to natural gas find out prior to purchase if the BBQ is able to do this.
  • Your speciality patio furniture & BBQ stores are a great source of information and can give you more one on one time in assisting you make an informed decision.

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