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BBQ Grill Tips

BBQ Grilling Tips

When it comes to the bbq everybody wants to figure out that perfect grilling technique. We have some helpful tips and hope they make your bbq grilling experience that much better.


  • Apply a light coating of cooking oil to your grills prior to grilling to prevent foods from sticking.
  • Cook similar food portions together to ensure they cook evenly.
  • Never pierce foods while they are cooking on the grill, this will dry out the rich flavours.
  • Try not to turn foods over frequently.
  • Add sugar based sauces, i.e. Diana Sauce, during the latter stages of cooking to prevent charring.
  • When cooking with strings or wooden skewers, i.e. pork roasts or chicken, soak the strings prior to cooking to prevent them from burning.
  • Use water, fruit juice, wine, or other marinades to add flavour and moisture to slow cooked foods such as turkey.
  • Always trim extra fat from foods to reduce the number of flare ups during cooking.

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